At Country Music Entertainment we have a wide range of events where people from all over the world come and meet. This allows them to talk about interests outside of music but also allows them to enjoy a different social elements that are listed below, we hope that you're able to partake in these events and learn some new skills.

Live Events


Meet & Greet

Music Social Sessions

Social Gatherings

Come and sing your favourite songs and meet lots of people from all over the world who may have similar interests to yourself, more importantly the karaoke events allow people not to be taken too seriously.

This space allows for people to meet up and discuss country music topics, this can include pub quizzes with winners winning a prize.

After a hard day at work come relax and listen to your favourite music with other members of the community. If these don't appeal to you, why not learn a new skill, such as song writing or learning to sing or even play an instrument. There's high possibilities of talking about topics outside of music or even different genres of music, all these important aspects is what makes Country Music Entertainment such an important family.

Come and meet people from the industry such as artists, musicians, producers and other people being who make the country music scene so special. You'll be able to ask questions, take pictures and maybe even get to singalong with whoever is around. The 'Meet & Greet' also allows for an insight into the music industry to learn how certain things come to light (songs & stories).